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For the Mothers and Guardians of the children in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.


For Lighthouse of God Ministries to raise £1000 in funds to start a loan system to help Mothers and Guardians who can’t afford to pay school fees. A way to help them help themselves and their children/orphans.

To encourage Mothers and Guardians who can’t afford school fees or lunch, to help educate and feed the Children.

To give a loan of £15 to selected Mothers and Guardians who can’t afford school fees/food, to buy beads and/or wool/materials and attend classes to make items for sell, and then pay back loan to Lighthouse.

They will then carry on making items to sell to raise funds for school fees, which will help pay the Teachers’ wages, and food for the Children.

When the loan is paid back, Lighthouse will be able to help another Mother or Guardian.


Lighthouse of God is a registered Charity based in Aberdare, South Wales. The Charity has been going for 15 years and raises money to help children in Kibera slum in Nairobi. The money comes in from 2 Charity shops, and sponsor a Child appeal. Pastor Michelle Warren runs the Charity and the Shops, with a small team of volunteers.


Lighthouse of God Ministries has been supporting St Stephens Centre for the last 15 years. Angelina Nduta runs this Primary School in Kibera Slum, which is one of the largest Slums in Africa.

Michelle Warren started supporting this school when Angelina started the school with 50 children. She was trying to teach these children without any books, stationery, food or clean water. No toilets, no nothing.

Angelina and the teachers all live in Kibera themselves too, which is tough. The back-to-back shacks are made of mud and sticks with corrugated roofs, no toilets, and open sewers.

Lighthouse has helped with the building of this shanty school, along with maintenance and clean water in through piping.

Lighthouse has also bought mosquito nets for the children, provides health care, as well as stationery, books and educational toys.

The current situation

The Primary school currently has 600 needy and orphaned children, aged 3-12. All of the children come from all over the 12 districts of Kibera.

The school now sits government exams and the pupils are doing well.

The school was set up as a private school to help orphans, needy children and street children.

Many children have been rescued from the streets, rescued from the rubbish dumps, where they were very vulnerable and being abused. Angelina brings them into the centre and finds a guardian for the children.

Many Guardians and parents who live in Kibera have no jobs, and they can’t afford to feed or educate their children. Government Primary schools are free but there are not enough of these schools, in the area. Also, a lot of Government schools refuse to take in children without uniform and shoes, even though they are supposed to, so Angelina runs a private school and those who can afford to pay, pay, and those who can’t are still allowed in, even if they have no uniform or shoes.

The two Lighthouse Charity Shops make enough profit to pay for all the children’s porridge for breakfast, made of maize flour, which keeps the children alive, and Lighthouse Sponsor A Child appeal helps feed the sponsored children lunch. But not all children are sponsored yet, so not all children get fed.

(shop rent and bills are very high.)

After discussion with the school, we have come up with this SELF DETERMINATION JEWELLERY PROJECT, whereby groups of Mothers, Guardians and Children will make necklaces and bracelets and knitted items to sell.

Lighthouse Trustees have combined this idea with a loan system so we can help more children. Please see aims above.