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HOW LIGHTHOUSE STARTED  … Lighthouse of God Ministries started 16 years ago. I had been on several short term missions, first to Brazil (visited twice). It was here in San Paulo that I saw children living on the streets for the first time. It broke me to know that they were living in the sewers and were orphans.

I then went on Mission to Albania three times, which was the poorest nation in Europe at the time. Again I saw a lot of poverty, and again my heart was stirred to help children.

The following year I was invited to preach in Uganda and Kenya. I was introduced to the slums then, Kibera being the largest.

I came home crying, and broken, because of the extreme harshness of what I had seen.

Children living on the streets, all ages, little ones, orphans, drinking water full of raw sewage, searching among sewage and rubbish for food to survive. Sleeping on mud floors next to sewage. Extreme poverty – these children had nothing!

As I cried, I prayed in anguish,  ‘what can I do? I’m just one woman’. I just felt the Lord Jesus speak to me, and very gently He said ‘start a Ministry’. So that’s what I did.

I love Lighthouses, so that’s what I decided to call the Ministry: Lighthouse of God Ministries.


We started with 70 children and we now have 600.

We have extended the school. Angelina Nuduta, the Director, has done an amazing job and is doing an amazing job with the teachers there. We are giving teachers and two helpers a small wage.

We now have Primary and Secondary School. Classes range from babies to class 8. Class 8 has now finished and 3 out of the group passed their exams with amazing results.

We now give all 600 children porridge, and now 300 children are sponsored.

We have brought a little land in order to extend the building, and now have 3 toilets, kitchen area, office and store room. (when we started there were no toilets and they were cooking on a little stove with raw sewage running underneath the pot).  We now have clean water going into St Stephen’s School through piping, which is saving lives; and five hundred children so far have mosquito nets.

We have just given a new laptop and printer to the school too

– Michelle Warren, Senior Director, Trustee and Founder


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We have a team of Trustees/Directors:

Pastor Michelle Warren

Miss Andrea Keay

Dr Arthur Wall

Sonia Marshall

A great team.