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DVDs and CDs ready for sale, of Michelle’s Testimonies from Kenya, Uganda, Brazil and Albania and her personal Story on how she became a Christian. CD set of 6= £10, DVD sets= £20.00, or individual CDs= £3.00/DVDs £5.00

(Proceeds from the sale of CDs and DVDs go to the Founder of the Charity, Pastor Michelle Warren, to cover the production costs. (plus, M.Warren does not get a salary from the Charity and these funds will help her to continue to run the charity. )

Pastor Michelle Warren has been a short term missionary for 20 years and Michelle shares some of her Testimonies alongside the Word of God as part of this series.

Teaching on Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and faith building are key themes in these CD/DVD sets.

CD/DVD Set 1-6: You can order a set (DVD set £20/CD set £15) or buy individually…

CD/DVD 1: Kenya testimony, guns shooting and miracles. Teaching on Spiritual Breakthrough, Prayer, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

CD: £3.00

DVD: £5.00

CD/DVD 2: Michelle’s Heaven experience. Teaching on Spiritual Warfare and personal testimony of how Michelle came to Christ. Testimony from Ex witch.

CD £3.00

DVD £5.00

CD/DVD 3: Albania Testimony. Lorry Testimony. Teaching on Spiritual Warfare, Faith, and overcoming fear.

CD £3.00

DVD £5.00

CD/DVD 4: Brazil Testimony. The Holy Spirit is real, the Healing Power of God for today, visitation from God.

CD £3.00

DVD £5.00

CD/DVD 5: Uganda Testimony. Dead man rises from dead, Power of prayer.

CD £3.00

DVD £4.00

CD/DVD 6: Uganda Testimony. The power of God

CD (Witchcraft to Christ.) Michelle’s Story, Testimonies of an ex Witch.

CD £3.00/DVD £5.00